Time to travel?

Me and my wife just finished a round trip through Slovenia, Italy, Croatia and Serbia and how blessed we are to be able to travel again and to see all these beautiful places.

I was sincerely surprised how crowded Italy and Croatia was already, but many people, like me and my wife, could not wait to travel again after the covid restrictions opened up.

It is absurd that while we could swim in the adriatic sea and drink cocktails on the beach there is a war in Europe and people are struggling to survive. It is absurd to me that anyone would want a war when we live in such a beautiful world and I feel truly blessed that we could make this trip in peace without interference from any warmongering dictators.

For all I know, this might be our last vacation due to war escalation, food shortage, famine and climate change but then I remember the words of Jesus, “Blessed is the one that is not offended by Me.”

The world might be falling apart and hard times might lay ahead, but one thing remain, do you know our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ? In Him we live, move and have our being. Make sure your last travel is in His arms and not down with the rest of the world to sheol.



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